Thursday, May 31, 2007

The unafrican African

Read as Stephen Wanyama explains his identity, or lack of. Is he a Bukusu man, a Kenyan, an African? Well, he says neither. Read too, the interesting discussion that follows from readers-- the unafrican African.
I know nothing about African customs. I read quite a lot so I know about some Agikuyu customs and Luo ones, I also know quite a number of Gujarati customs. I know about the customs of my parents' people, the Bukusu. I do not know any African customs though. I rather admire the history of some communities and famous people down the ages. Cyrus the Great, Mekatilili, Koitalel Arap Samoei, and so on. I even have a vague fondness for Napoleon and Thomas Jefferson, although the adventures of Samouri Toure and Uthman don Fodio don't particularly tickle my fancy.