Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kenya Airways Crash; Letter from Cameroon

Cameroon is a country that has suffered myriad disasters, both natural and unnatural. These tragedies meet with a distinct lack of empathy or remorse from the national government. The Cameroonian people inured by this custom took the delayed and muted response in step and the government's feeble responses took on the character of a crocodile's tears.

The cause of the tragedy has not yet been determined, although the government has taken steps towards this with the constitution of a commission of inquiry. The commission has drawn on members of all the main parties involved including the Kenyan and Cameroonian governments, the Cameroonian Airports Authority and Kenya Airways. It is doubtful however that the results of the inquiry will be accepted. Already even before the commission has begun its deliberations, the two sides have started a mud-slinging match. The streets of Douala in turn are seething with rumours and theories on the causes of the fateful crash.

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