Friday, May 04, 2007

Dirty Harry

No really, no allusions to the movie or to Clint Eastwood, but as a title it fits nicely. Still there's a Harry in it and likely a lot of shooting.

Here in the United Kingdom, the newspapers have seen brisk business these past few weeks, especially the ones in the lower order of quality. Harry Windsor second in line to the throne, the spare prince, the one with the red hair, formerly of the freckles, may be off to Iraq. It is not the first time His Royal Highness has been in the newspapers. Like every young man, Harry enjoys a good time and his colourful past includes episodes where he was caught by the paparazzi fondling a woman not his girlfriend (in public), swearing and lunging at a photographer (while drunk), allegedly cheating in an exam (getting his art teacher to do it for him) and perhaps most famously strutting about in a Nazi costume.

Emmo Opoti on Britain's Prince Harry going to war. Read and discuss here.