Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jesus is dead, long live the Church

Two thousand years ago, a roving Jewish teacher, the kind that was quite common in that day was nailed to a cross by the Romans on charges of sedition.

The story, at least according to the Bible goes that he was sold off to the Romans by the priestly class in Jerusalem whose grip over the minds of the people he threatened. He could have extricated himself from this trap, but gave himself up to his tormentors partly in fulfillment of an ancient prophecy and partly as a redemptory act of love for all mankind shackled by the irons of sin to death and despair.

Read more: Violet Nishimisi "The Christian Church is growing, the pews are filling up, Sunday prayers are full of song (and dance), collection baskets are straining with money, but Jesus is dead. Long live the Church."