Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Church, not for me

I decided today to make an appearance at my local church after a year away. I expected to receive a welcome like... "Hey! Long time, where have you been?", but no one seemed to acknowledge me.

In the front row was my cousin Ted, in choir uniform! I stood in awe as he approached the front with the rest to lead the choir. Then a flashback hits me! This is the same cousin whom last week I met in a bar in Mombasa, very drunk with a group of football players harassing women. Two days ago Ted came home with Lucy whom he introduced to me as his girlfriend. They spent the night at my place and left the next morning. As he closed his eyes, so engulfed in Holiness and his hands in the air, I asked myself if what I was seeing was real. Suddenly Ted spots me, I could see the embarrassment in his face, but I ignored him and sang along.

Read here as Charity Kivuli describes the hypocrisy of organized Christianity.