Friday, March 16, 2007

Intransparency of Annual Graft Report

Photo: Reports indicate that corruption in Kenya has increased, although according to wananchi actions like the one above are on the decrease.

The exponential ranking of Kenya' on Transparency International's world corruption index since year 2000 to 2006 ,raises questions on the credibility of their annual reports.

One wonders if this is a fair and true representation of the state of affairs in the country. Could there be some underlying influences bent on denigrating the current Kenyan government?

Since its accesion to power the relationship with the anti-graft body has been a matter for glaring controversy. To rank Kenya from index rating 42 in 2000 to 142 in 2006 (with rating 145 being most the corrupt), indicates a stark 338% increase which by necessity must be attributed to some explainable cause and would be felt by a staggering majority of the citizenry.

Read as Collins Mbalo and others discuss the legitimacy of transparency international's corruption index.