Thursday, March 08, 2007

International Women's Day

I am moved to tears as these women sing for my colleagues and I. By the look, some of them are my age mates though in their own words ‘we are from two different worlds'.

They perceive me as one from Kenya and themselves as just people. Maybe it's because of my complexion or my jeans and t-shirt. They are all dressed in long flowing diras and a head gear. I sport a cap. Most of them have a child on their back swith a few others around; they tell us that most of them have six to seven children. They probably can tell I haven't given birth. They do not sit near the men, in fact most had to ask for permission to meet us.

These are women from the northern part of Kenya. Married at a very young age, denied opportunities because there it is a man's world. My colleagues and I talk to them and get to hear their issues. They include lack of income generating projects, water, insecurity, discrimination and violence both sexual and physical.

Follow Purity Kagwiria as she talks about her challenges working with disenfranchised women, and the importance of the women's movement.