Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome to the new Kenya Imagine: KI.3.0 (BETA)

Hey everyone
First, our apologies. We have been offline for longer than we would have liked. Thanks to all our readers and registered users we were using too much bandwidth, and were kicked off our shared server. This is the kind of problem we are proud of. But, getting our resources together to move to a server that could accomodate all our published articles and registered users proved paramount. Well, we have since moved to our own servers, and would like to introduce our new look!

We are still fixing a few kinks here and there, but are now live. Please visit us to see our new look, and recently published articles.

Drop us a line, we love hearing from you: editor [at] kenyaimagine [dot] com. I promise, I reply to every email I receive.

publisher, KI